Welcome to the DominionPvP server store!

Here you will find ranks, items, keys, kits and more. Donating to our server helps us grow, and gives you a boost in game.

Our Promise

While we at DominionPvP try and keep the server and its store as free from "p2w" elements as possible, the harsh reality is that if the things in the store didn't give an advantage in game, nobody would purchase them. No donations, no server. That's just the way the minecraft community is. What we do to combat this, however, is make sure that anything that can be purchased in the store, is in some way obtainable in game with no IRL money. Obviously obtaining those items involves a lot of luck and grind, but it allows players who are unable or unwilling to spend IRL money, to get the same things as those who do.


Donation Enquiries / Issues

Should you have an issue with a donation you have made, such as not receiving the item/rank, or being unable to donate, simply make a thread on our forums in the donation enquiry section. Our admins will get back to you within 24 hours. Support is one of our top priorities. In the event that we do not get back to you within that timeframe, we will compensate you.


To ensure there are no issues with your purchase, please do try and make sure you are in game when you check out. Also make sure you have inventory space for any in game items that may come with your purchase.

Once you have made a purchase, usually you should get it within 10 minutes. However, please wait at least an hour for it to come through. If it has not come through after that time, contact a member of staff or make a thread on the forums.

Refunds / Chargeback

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds on any item purchased from the store. Upon checking out, you agree that the purchase is final. In some rare circumstances we may offer store credit to the value of your purchase.

Charging back, or disputing any payment made to us will result in an automatic ban from our server. Once you have been banned for a chargeback, the only way to get unbanned is to resolve the dispute, or remake the purchase. As a result of charging back against our server, you may also be banned from making purchases on other servers web stores.